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That facilitate improving efficiency in your company

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innovative management


Improves manufacturing performance through remote machine monitoring, predictive maintenance, and resource optimization .


Improve resource utilization and streamline hospital operations by automatically tracking equipment, clinical samples, patients, and staff.


Provides an integrated view of distributed production systems for effective planning and management.

Ports & Airports

Locate anything, track assets, control temperature, locate personnel, and more on a single platform.


Connect your cargo to the ioLocate platform for safer and more profitable operations. Optimize routes and ensure the integrity of your assets.


Use the IoT platform to control access to different areas of the facility, track the movement of visitors, prevent unauthorized entry or monitor staff activity

Your assets have never been so close

Containers y Deposits
Containers y Deposits
Pallets y Returnables
Pallets y Returnables
Machinery & Equipment
Machinery & Equipment
Pets & Cattle
Pets & Cattle
Trucks & Trailers
Trucks & Trailers

4 Key Features

Comprehensive security
With devices that record the location of high-value assets, companies need assurances that connected systems are protected and that data from those devices is transmitted securely.

Durable and future-proof connectivity
For tracked devices operating in the field for many years, even on battery power, connectivity must be tailored to be energy efficient and last long term, ensuring devices continue to perform optimally and continuously send data.

Data analytics
The industry requires accurate, reliable, and real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions.

Always-on connectivity
Data that provides useful information on asset location, temperature, functionality, or any other metrics that your devices track must be delivered reliably and continuously from anywhere in the world.

Ensure equipment is in the right place               when needed