Asset Monitoring

Whether you want to monitor machines, equipment, vehicles, locate containers, track lost goods or detect changes in the environment, our IoT asset tracking solution provides the tools necessary to substantially improve efficiency across a wide variety of business sectors.

ioLocate is our flexible and cost-effective asset tracking solution, making it easy to monitor equipment, machinery and devices remotely, simplifying logistics and saving costs.


Optimize asset utilization


Ensure timely maintenance management, improve task scheduling, and better organize processes

Improve the location of your resources

24H a day 365 DAYS A YEAR

ioLocate is the perfect solution, when you have fixed or mobile assets in the field, allowing you to have complete control and insight into the utilization of all your assets on an ongoing basis.

Prevent accidents, failures and losses


Our solution helps reduce risk, increase visibility, work faster and smarter, and optimize software spend.

Reduce maintenance costs


Knowing the operating times of each piece of equipment, you can better plan its preventive maintenance, and you can also have better control of the parts necessary for reconditioning.

Comprehensive monitoring solution for high value assets and reusable containers

Our IoT asset tracking service is scalable, secure and reliable, allowing you to track and manage equipment in one centralized system.

In the storage of components for production and finished products, the synchronization of end-to-end processes ensures greater production and reduction of losses.

In every company there are assets of very high value, not only because of their cost but also because of their function. Our platform will allow you a comprehensive view of where they are located 24 hours a day.

During transportation, the platform will constantly send key data, such as temperature and air quality, thus ensuring the useful life of the products.                                  

There are assets whose functions are critical, in some work sectors their availability is key even to guarantee the well-being and integrity of people.

NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, SigFox, WiFi, Bluetooth