The ioLocate solution has the flexibility to be customized for trackers manufacturers or service providers.

Get the most out of your hardware

The platform allows us to integrate new devices, customizing it based on:

  • Communication type and protocol
  • Positioning type
  • Motion detection type: shock, vibration, rotation, etc.
  • Environmental sensors: temperature, humidity, light, etc.
  • Alarms
  • Other specific parameters

Case study - Tracker manufacturer

OEM solution for a tracker manufacturer that wants to offer its own platform adapted to its hardware for applications where great precision in location is not required, but it is necessary to offer a competitive price. Main features:

  • NBIoT communication (with proprietary protocol)
  • Location based on GPS, WIFI or CellID - integration with third party services to determine GPS position.
  • Record of temperature values and events sent by the device.
  • Record of device-specific use parameters to optimize battery use.
  • White label for your clients


With the aim of offering an answer to your real problems, we can provide ioLocate with new functionalities depending on the application. From alarms to detect unwanted movements (theft, overturning, etc.), specific reports to check compliance with SLA terms, new dashboards or KPIs, etc.

Case Study - Smart Cable Drum

The solution allows the distribution network operator and the cable provider to optimize the scheduling of construction tasks knowing the location, status and estimated date of arrival of each cable reel and to minimize the impact on the cost due to theft and losses.

Customization of the ioLocate solution:

  • Stock planning: integration of cable consumption to improve inventory efficiency and report cable shortages.
  • Event notifications emailed to each workplace manager.
  • Performance Measures - Using the data to measure operational performance, quantify product cost and savings, etc.